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Sept. 27th to 29th

Dayton Tattoo Bash Press Play

Dayton Tattoo Bash Press Play

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Bangers Ball
flash art feature booths

A"banger" tattoo is the kind of tat you can get done on the fly without breaking the bank. These are small and simple pieces, no fancy stuff, just straightforward and fast. It's street lingo for those tattoos that don't take forever or cost a fortune. You walk in, throw down some cash, and bam, you got yourself a banger. 

The Dayton Tattoo Bash will feature booths with TENS of THOUSANDS of tattoos for $100 or less

The modern day "banger" evolved from the tradition of tattoo flash art.


Flash art has deep roots in the history of tattooing, tracing back to the early days of the craft when artists would display their designs on the walls of their shops for clients to choose from. In homage to this rich heritage, our show proudly features a massive tattoo flash art promotion, boasting over 100 artist booths and offering thousands of designs for $100 or less. It's a unique opportunity to delve into the diverse world of tattoo art, where tradition meets technology, allowing clients to leave with a personalized piece of history without having to take out a second mortgage!

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Sinlge Day Pass  $10
Weekend Pass  $20

Attending Artists